Monday, November 13, 2006

I think people has been getting a bit confused.
So i'm gonna lay it all out.

Firstly, some people were thinking that my daughter, Anne is my niece.
Anne is my daugther, and that's that.

Second. some people think that this blog wasn't going to be updated ever.
I have an explantion for that, and here it is.

I was worried about my daughter, Anne, and i was panicking all around the island.
I went to the person i share my field with, he hadn't seen Anne.
I basically did that all over the island, but leaving Rector for the last.

So, i came up to his house, and started to knock-

But i heard some speaking from the back of the house.

So i crept around the house, and saw that there was a red transit van there, and Rector was there, with the dratted Tourism Head of the Council.

"-he has been poking around each and every house you know." This was the Tourism Head's whiny voice.

"Yes." - I was shocked by how Rector said this - he was usually raspy. but it was like...Well i don't know what like.

"You don't think we should do anything...?"

"No. We have his daughter."

Now this was shocking. A bit too shocking. I gasped like a little girl would do.

"What was that?"

Oh SHIT! Now you've done it - i can remember me thinking.

The Tourism Head pulled a FREAKING gun out, and shot at a bush - completely the wrong side of where i was, thankfully.

"Stop it you IDIOT. Why don't you use that big thick noggin of yours and THINK."

"Sorry sir.. sorry sir.. sorry sir." the Toursim Head mumbled.

Rector sighed. "We'll see about you when we get to the temple."

With that, they climbed into the van, and drove off.

Thinking quick, i thought logically - Do you ever want to see your daughter again or do you want to stay on this island and live a quiet life?

You can guess what i chose.

I ran after the van.

I saw that it got onto a ferry, so i did something that James Bond would probably do, AKA, I hid in a crate.

I followed the van once we got to the mainland(a shock), and i saw them going into a secluded wooded area, but leaving the van.

I'm currently in a motel, BTW.
I might be doing a new blog soon, incase Rector cuts off my blog.
I'm going to go and find this "temple" they were talking about tomorrow.

See you



Blogger RectorM said...

We all got quite a laugh out of that, Jack. Please tell the truth about our city from now on, okay? ;)

11:16 AM  

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