Monday, October 30, 2006

Yawnnn.... Good morning, all those who got the email. I let my niece sort out a few email addresses for me and i just sent them.

This blog is about Island 13 and its one town - Hallow's End.

This is a blog about my life in Hallow's End.

Probably things will go along as follows.

"8:00am: Woke up.

9:00am: Had breakfast.

10:00am: Went on the beach for 3 hours

02:00pm: Attended the daily Council meeting - A total of 7 members were there. Everybody else was "busy".

05:00pm: Got home, talked with niece.

08:00pm: Did tea. Got niece ready for bed.

09:00pm: Watch telly

10:00pm: Fall asleep infront of telly."

People say i'm a lazy man. I'm not. It's everything else that's active.


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