Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloweeen! Or, atleast it would have been, if it wasn't for Rector shaking a wrinkly old finger at me this morning.

They're like... little white pickles....ones that can touch you...


Anyway. Erm... Happy... halloween? *sighs*.

I'm the only one around here who doesn't like the 5 day long halloween.

Oh. You didn't know that, did you? Hallow's End's Halloween is a 5 day long one. One of the council's stupid(Sorry Rector) ideas.


Feel free to email me... i won't be going anywhere, except maybe to the door to give the candys.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Not even a talk show.


I hate TV some times.
Mmmm.... Hooray hooray, for Monday nights. The greatest telly day of all time!

Pardon me, but whoever says that is either A. A Happy Time Employment..giver..thingy, or B. A psycho.

Hang on.

*reads over last sentence*

Damnit. Damn Council is forcing ideas into my buh-rain.

Anyway. Because it's nice to have your name mentioned - Hallo Catherwork! Hallo Chris! :)


Back to searching for a decent show.

Nooooooo! The council has pressganged me in an email, saying that i should post their "accurate" history of Hallow's End.


Better humour them.

And i'll edit it in places... :)

Hallow's End is the only town on one of the small islands surrounding Great Britain. The island's name used to be called "Island 13", signifying this island as one of the fourteen discovered by the world's worst explorer ever, Gege "Johnny" Aba. The island's name now, thought out carefully by the town's council, is now "the 13th Island". Most people use the former name.

The town has been visited by a great number of famous writers, directors. Such as, Joss Whedon, Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick and Jason Voorhees. Strangely, tourists point out every year, that all of them have one definite theme together. Most residents ignore them.

The town is governed by a strict council, called by all, the "Council". The head of the council is Dr. Rector M, PhD in town psychology. (Quackhead.)

One of the sights to see in the town is an abandoned house on top of a hill. Most tourists point out that Stanley Kubrick visited here, and that the house looks a lot like the one in The Shining. See above.

Don't forget, to (not) visit Jack Holl's house, for a (not) thriving description of the Island's history, (much better than the one written here in any case.)

We hope you enjoy your visit to Hallow's End.

Hallow's End Council, Tourism (thick)Head.
Yawnnn.... Good morning, all those who got the email. I let my niece sort out a few email addresses for me and i just sent them.

This blog is about Island 13 and its one town - Hallow's End.

This is a blog about my life in Hallow's End.

Probably things will go along as follows.

"8:00am: Woke up.

9:00am: Had breakfast.

10:00am: Went on the beach for 3 hours

02:00pm: Attended the daily Council meeting - A total of 7 members were there. Everybody else was "busy".

05:00pm: Got home, talked with niece.

08:00pm: Did tea. Got niece ready for bed.

09:00pm: Watch telly

10:00pm: Fall asleep infront of telly."

People say i'm a lazy man. I'm not. It's everything else that's active.